Optima Analog Wrist Watch for Women at Rs 999 Only – Flat 67% OFF

Sowmya Nair

What if we told you that you could own an elegant watch that costs Rs. 2999 by paying just Rs. 999? You’d probably think we are making it up. But we’re not. Yebhi is here with a beautiful optima analog wrist watch for women. The white and gold combo makes this wrist watch entirely appealing.

Buy Optima Analog Wrist Watch for Women from Yebhi. At a flat 67% off, this watch comes to you at the best possible price. Good times, really!

How to buy Optima Analog Wrist Watch for Women at Rs 999 Only:

Wrist Watch for Women

  1. Buy Optima Analog Wrist Watch for Women at Rs 999 from Yebhi
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. No Yebhi Coupon code is applicable

This wrist watch could very well go with traditional Indian wear or your trendy modern wear. The rectangular dial with stones studded around is very feminine. The white and gold strap is a combo of traditional and modern. Aren’t all women like that? A combination of sweet and bold? If you one such woman, compliment your femininity by buying this watch. Are you a man trying to impress a lady friend? Here’s your cue. A whopping Rs. 2000 off is good enough reason to own a piece of beauty like this!

A simple dress or a top with this wrist watch and a pretty white/gold clutch is all you need to step out and set the city on fire. A watch like this combined with you charm is sure to impress anybody!

Ladies wait no longer. Own this wrist watch without any further delay!

Product Description:

Color: Mustard
For: Women
Brands: Optima
Departments: Timepieces
Design: Rectangular Dial
Category: Watches
Types: Analog

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