Orkia Earphones Accurate Sound Quality at Rs 125 – 58% OFF


We all listen music on our cellphones , i-pods, laptops . But what makes our mood go refresh is the good quality music. What if , you are in a really bad mood and tune to the fm radio to lighten up yourself.  Get the Orkia Earphones for accurate sound and listen to each beat precisely at a very affordable price.DSC_0807_M_1_2x

How to get these Orkia Earphones:

  1. Get these Orkia Earphones.
  2. Click on “buy” and enjoy the experience of listening music without any hurdles.
  3.  Get fast delivery from Snapdeal.

But what you get is the cracking noise of your earphones. It will definitely make your mood even more worse. But , Orkia Earphones are equipped with High Density Neodymium magnet that provides you with powerful and clear sound. That means you don’t have to worry anymore. The price is even more interesting. Yes only Rs125.The earphones have 10 mm driver and have a dome-type power handling.Even if you are listening for long hours , your ears would never beg to remove them because they are just so comfortable . They can be easily fit to the ears and helps avoiding the external noises too. So with such an awesome deal, i don’t think anyone is going  to miss it for sure. And what  better than that awesome feeling whenyou are lying alone .. and what occupies you is music.  I would never want this feeling to be spoilt by anyone , not even by my old stupid junked earphones . So go for this Orkia earphones and enjoy the enriched experience of music. Your priduct would be delivered at your place in 3=4 days . Hurry .. Why are you still thinking??

Product Features:

  • Perfect Fit
  • Accurate Sound Quality
  • Clear And Crisp Sound
  • Compact case
  • High-density neodymium magnet
  • 10-mm driver
  • 3.5mm Jack
  • 1.3 M Flat Cable


Brand Orkia Earphones
Type Open air dynamic
Frequency Response 50 – 23000 Hz
Cord Length 1.04 m (48 inch)
Weight 6 g

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