Ozomax Hair Dryer With Double Speed And Nozzle For Rs 154 Only


Now dry your wet hair easily with this new Ozomax Hair Dryer . This hair dryer will work in almost a double speed leaving your hair dried adding a condition and shine to them . With its automatic over – heating protection system an its small and compact design makes it a perfect product . And all this you get in a super price of just Rs 154.


How to buy Ozomax Hair dryer with Double Speed And Nozzle :

The ozomax hair dryer is different from other ordinary hair dryers as they only dry your hair making them look even more fuzzy . But with this hair dryer , you will feel a change as it will not damage your hair like other products, and moreover will help you to condition them and add that shine because of the heat balancing ceramic and ionic technology .

Now you won’t have to take any tension regarding your hair do before any party or your office related work , wash them , dry the hair with new ozomax hair dryer . It also has a foldable nozzle attached with it which make it easy to carry any where along with you . ┬áIt also does not take too much of your voltage supply making it electricity friendly . Also you get 1 month replacable warranty as well , that means you can get it replaced if any kind of problem occurs in the product . It will dry your hair in almost double the speed and yet won’t add any kind of damage to the hair . So , with all these amazing features , you should definitely go on and make the order now .

Product Details:

  1. Heat-balancing ceramic and ionic technology for condition and shine
  2. 2 power and speed settings
  3. Foldable and Nozzle Attachment.
  4. Includes hair concentrator
  5. Small and compact
  6. Automatic over-heating protection system
  7. Hanging hook attached with cord
  8. Manufactured by ISO 9001:2000 certified company


1 Month Replacement Warranty

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