Ozone lockers electronic safe 3-Year Warranty – Rs 3249 Save Rs 1751


Now days you cannot trust anyone when it comes to keeping cash, gold, important documents and all other important valuables at home. You need to keep them safely but some items are required on almost daily basis but we do not know how to keep them safe. Now purchase at a discounted rate a Ozone lockers electronic too keep all your valuables safe and sound. This locker cost originally Rs.4990 but after a 35% discount you can buy it for Rs 1751 less and pay now only Rs 3249. A electronic locker at home is a good option for all your esteemed and valuables as there is a saying “Better safe than sorry”.

How to buy Ozone lockers electronic safe 3-Year Warranty – Rs 3249 Save Rs 1751 :

  • Buy Ozone lockers electronic now at 35% discount.
  • Click on buy now.
  • Proceed to payment.

Product Specifications and Special Instructions:

  1. Brand – Ozone.
  2. Product size in mm – (W) 300 X(H) 200  X(D) 200.
  3. Warranty – 3 years.
  4. Weight – 6.1kg
  5. Do not keep emergency key in to the safe.
  6. Don’t share your password to anyone.

What do you do when you have to keep valuables or important documents at home? Store them somewhere in a locked cup borad. Do you think this is a wise think to do. What if you lose them? What have you done to protect your valuables if you have already lost them earlier? Nothing, or changes the place of hiding these valuables or changed the place of hiding the cupboard key. Do you think all this will really help? The answer is a complete NO. To keep it all sound and safe now buy electronic Ozone lockers that keep every valuable of yours away from bad eyes. The installation of this locker is very simple. Just put a locker code that is easy for you to remember and at the same time the code that is unknown to others to this locker and start leaving all your tension on this locker to take care of the rest. Now you can even go out freely even though you have valuables at home as you know that they are kept at the safest place. This locker can also be used in offices where important documents or huge cash transactions that happen regularly need to be stored.  Hurry and install this before it is too late and you end up loosing your important valuables.

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Rs 4990
Rs 3249