Buy Padmini 2000W Adya Induction Cooktop at Discount Price of Rs. 1666

Meghana Pawar


The Induction cooking is the newest form of technology which is whole heartedly welcomed by the young. It is the faster and convenient mode of cooking. The induction cooktops are definitely revolutionizing the food industry. So to give you some relief from the hassle of using gas cylinders, we bring something you would really love to have. Dealstan presents before you a great offer on Padmini 2000W Adya Induction Cooktop. Buy this great device at the best price at Rs. 1666 only on

How to Buy Padmini 2000W Adya Induction Cooktop at Discount Price :

In the era of machines, new technology and advanced appliances this device is here to stay. Not only the young but even the young at heart generation is accepting this coolest mode of cooking. So if you love cooking then you surely want the best appliances and cookware for your kitchen. We have hundreds of odd jobs at home. And if you are working then balancing work with cooking is a tough job. Hence the Padmini 2000W Adya Induction Cooktop is ideal for your family. It is the perfect blend of style and functionality.


The induction cook top consumes only 2000 Watts of power. In this Induction cook top, cooking is faster and convenient. It has 7cooking functions that let you to cook various dishes with ease. With its advanced features delicious food is ready in no time. It also hasĀ 4 hours timer, 4 hours preset and 8 power levels to choose from. The black crystal plate is not only durable but easy to clean as well. opened for business on the 3rd of January 2012. It gave customers a wide selection of amazingly priced Furniture, Home and Living products and a consistently great shopping experience. We are a managed marketplace working closely with nearly a thousand merchant partners. Helping them to showcase their design skills, craftsmanship and service orientation to customers across India and the world.

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Rs 1666