Padmini Essentia Food Processor FP 403 at Rs 3,173 – 38% OFF + 10% OFF


All you ladies, Its time to renew your kitchen with all new accessories of kitchen with The Padmini Essentia Food Processor. This Padmini food processor will make your work in kitchen much more easy and faster. Even if you are not having any helping hand in kitchen , this food processor will prove to become one .


How to get Padmini Essentia Food Processor FP 403:

Now , you do not have to worry to clean your kitchen shelves after getting tired from those long hours spent in kitchen preparing food for everyone . You have such a help now !! So that you can spend some time for yourself and even your family .The processor has a solid motor that operates at 600 watts power and offers complete protection to your appliance with the over load circuit breaker.Food processors  are provided with interchangeable blades and disks (attachments) instead of a fixed blade,so that they are easily washable.It has a pilot light gives easy power indication during operation. The four stainless steel discs cover large surface area and aid quick processing. Also , bowls are wider and shorter, a more appropriate shape for the solid or semi-solid foods usually worked in a food processor. The processor bowl, lids and blender jars are made from unbreakable polycarbonate material for lasting use. The vacuum created rubber pads offer a firm grip and clamp the jar lid tightly during operation for secure and safe use . And you get all this in just Rs 3,173 .

Product features:

  • High Powered 600 Watts heavy duty motor
  • Protection with overload circuit breaker
  • Sleek Pilot light for power indication
  • Operator safety by micro switch security system
  • One Stainless Steel discs for wide process
  • Large capacity polycarbonate bowl and blender jars
  • Vacuum creating rubber pads for firm powerful grip
  • FP Bowl : 1500 ml
  • Blender Jar : 1500 ml
  • Grinder Jar : 1000 ml
  • Chutney Jar : 300 ml<

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