Pair of 4 Stretchable Jeans | Branded by NX : Flat Rs 1560 – 35% Off


Number of jeans never matter in a man’s closet. The more the merrier. Plus if they are of a brand even better. One pair of branded cost you almost more than a thousand rupees. But with the NX jeans offer you can buy pair of 4 stretchable jeans for the price of only Rs.1560. Giving you a free delivery of these pair of jeans that are each different from others. Every pair of jeans has its own unique style, design, colour, and fit. Choose from the sizes available that will fit you the best. Use the coupon code for more discounts on your final purchases. Shoe off your masculine curves with the extremely well body fit jeans from

How to buy pair of 4 stretchable jeans:-

  • Take the good advantage of buying pair of 4 stretchable jeans at a small price.
  • Click on buy and proceed to payment.
  • Use snapdeal coupon code SNAPIT for the discounted price.

NX jeans are among the best ranked jeans for men. Known to give you the value for money clothing. A common man’s buy are the pair of 4 stretchable jeans. Can club it with any of your shirt or t-shirts either for a party or a casual wear it seems perfectly fine. A good pair of shoes will add zinc to your personality. Multiple number of jeans are available thus you can choose which one’s you want to wear for a party and which one’s are the regular one’s. No need to use similar jeans for both occasions when you have a chance to buy 4 at a rice of Rs.1560.

Its time to get all your old jeans out and refresh your wardrobe with the new fits, colors, fabrics available. All choices available at one place thus no need to do your online shopping from one site to another when all is available here. The pair of 4 stretchable jeans from NX jeans will do the work for you. With a large range of brands to choose from snapdeal is one of the most vibrant and safest online shopping destinations in India.

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  1. Kushal Yelamali

    How is the quality of these jeans? Can anyone recommend them?


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Rs 2835
Rs 1560