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Sonali Singh

Babies are known to the God’s purest creation. What is there about babies, that makes everyone kiss them, hug them, cuddle them and fondle them? Even the stone-hearted soul succumbs to their sanctity? It is their purity, innocence, the adorability, the bliss that oozes out in those tiny twinkling eyes, the lazy movements of those micro mini fingers and the angelic smile that spreads on the face as a result of some fanciful thought.Well, to sum up the joy of a having a baby is quite impossible. It is the highly delightful feeling that is insurmountable for every parent, as a child’s birth is the most splendid thing to be known in this universe. The journey of gradual transition of those tiny cells into a life is majestic. When that tiny life opens those tender eyes into the world, you feel nothing could get any nobler. This experience made much more worthy with Pampers Active Baby Diapers.

How painful it is to see even the faintest of the scratches onto your tiny soul’s body? Ask a mother and she will tell you. Vowing to help all the mothers in the world, Pampers has come up with a finely churned array of baby diapers. It is a company that has been producing the best of the baby products, since its existence. Hence, making your baby’s first years happy and comfortable. Pampers Active Baby Diapers are brought to you at huge discounts.

How to buy Pampers Active Baby Diapers?

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Pampers Diaper Pants Large – 52 pieces : Rs 535


Pampers Active Baby Diapers Small – 46 Pieces : Rs 550.


Pampers Diaper Pants – M 60 pieces Combo Pack of 2 : Rs 1050.


Providing comfort to your baby, the Pampers Active Baby Diapers are just the intelligent choice. They are equipped with 3-way fitting system, gel technology with the aloe vera inside covering so as to keep your little angel’s skin soft and dry. Without sagging or over-fitting, the optimum space allows free movements of your naughty ones. Your baby stays snug as a bug in the rug and takes the most satisfying golden sleep.

Firstcry bring products from all the established Indian and International brands, for your angles to let the first years of your baby, be the most comfortable one. Bringing products from all categories socks, baby lotion, story books, kids watches, card games and what not. So wait not to get your baby the happiest surprise these winters that are getting chillier all the more. Get them Pampers Active Baby Diapers at highly affordable prices on FirstCry.


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Rs 1330
Rs 1050