Pampers Large Size Diapers (60 Count) from Amazon Day Offer-Rs 531


Pampers , the best brand for the baby diapers is offering a huge discount through after the Amazon launched today’s deal of the day at an offer price of Rs 531. This offer can make you save Rs 204 after the discount which is very evry good deal for the moms to buy the best diaper at an unbelievable price.


How to buy Pampers Large Size Diapers from Amazon :

  • Click the link here.
  • Click on Buy Now.


Key Features :

  • Magic gel up to 10 hours dryness.
  • Tape sticks many time.
  • Lotion with Aloe Vera to help protect skin.
  • Outer cover is soft like cotton.
  • Thin with magic gel.

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Rs 735
Rs 531