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Panasonic Hair dryer comes to all your needs everytime. Get your hands on one for a price as low as Rs.470.Style your hair however you want to. Is a party coming up? A date? An important meeting? Do you want to look good? Attractive? Beautiful? A good hair day is a perfect day. Set your hair. Style it. Mend it. Make it listen to you. Unmanageable hair creates a lot of problem. Make it manageable. The all new Panasonic Hair dryer is here. It will do the needful for you. The panasonic Hair dryer is available for just Rs.470. It is available in the market for Rs.595. Use our coupon code here. Get it for a very affordable price

How to buy the Panasonic hair dryer ND 11 at lowest price of Rs.470:

  1. Go to buy the Panasonic hair dryer ND 11.
  2. Use the coupon code GET150.
  3. Click on Add to cart.

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The panasonic hair dryer can be used for any purpose. Either to just dry your hair or to style it. This dryer is effective and quick in its work. Its efficiency is very high. You can just blow dry your hair after shower. Later, apply gel or serum. You can now set it however you want it to. You can also straighten your hair. It will last for a few hours. Blowdry is the quickest way for  hair straightening. Apart from this, there are a million other styles to do your hair. The panasonic hair dryer can help you achieve all those. It gives you a smooth hair drying experience. The heat is manageable. It doesn`t damage your hair. This dryer is very safe to use. It has been manufactured for your needs. Hurry up and grab one. The product gets delivered in 7 working days. Shipping charges are Rs.80. Happy shopping!

Product Description:


  • 2 Speed Settings.
  • 2 Heat Settings.
  • Tangle-free 1.8 m Cord.
  • Turbo Function.
  • Consumes 1000 W Power.
  • Easy Hairstyle.

The Panasonic EH-ND11 hair dyer has been designed to help you get a smooth hair drying experience. The blow dryer comes with a 1.8 m cord. It lets you dry your locks comfortably, even from a distance. No more will you have to worry about those hand sores.



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