Participate and Win Rs. 3000 Myntra My Privilege Points in Contest


Myntra My Privilege Points are getting more important day by day and now you can get these points easily online, by participating in this contest from Myntra. After following few steps below, you can win Rs 3000 from this contest.

my myntra

How to Participate in Contest and Win Rs. 3000 Myntra My Privilege Points:

First, you start solving the three puzzles from here.

  1. First, Find The Correct Missing Piece!
  2. Second, Unscramble the words!
  3. Third, Crack the code by using the cipher. Eg. Y=B, F=I, etc.

Note: The contest is open till January 30, 2014 12pm.

After you have done with everything, do let us know in comments below, your experience.

3 Responses to “Participate and Win Rs. 3000 Myntra My Privilege Points in Contest”

  1. Prajwal Gouda

    I have participated in this contest and looking to win.
    As my Pundit’s suggestion, I participated at 4:30. I will win.


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Rs 3000
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