Party Wear Heels Alert! The Starry Eyed Surprise Heels at just Rs.990!

Sowmya Nair

Party Wear Heels Alert! Ladies, are you listening? Put out that hot party dress or your favorite pants. Wear the starry eyed surprise heels and take that party by surprise. Show them who’s the star, tell them who’s got it all! We all know how excruciatingly painful it is to find a pair of party heels that will not make you want to leave the party in an hour. Dancing in an imperfect pair of heels is just plain painful. Those shoe bites, heel breaks, discomfort – argh! say no no no to it all. Every woman truly deserves one good pair of heels. Atleast one, we mean. The sparkle on this pair of Party Wear Heels will reflect in your eyes soon enough. Comfort guaranteed, style comes with it. How many of us have paid a few thousands on one pair of good heels? Yes, guilty. Most of us. This amazing pair of party wear heels is available at just Rs. 990 (actually 1,199). Many nights of awesome dancing and knock out look at less than a 1000 bucks. Good deal, isn’t it? Buy now… right now!

Party Wear Heels

How to get Party Wear Heels at Rs.990:

1. Go to

2. Click on BUY NOW

3. No coupon code applicable


Pair this shimmery pair with a knee-length pleated skirt and a monochrome horizontally striped top and a jacket.

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Party Wear Heels