Pearls combo Offer at Rs 375 Only – Flat 50% off

Pearls combo offer @ Rs 375 only -Flat 50% OFF. Pearl, a miracle of nature. Marvel in the water, just like the moon falling into the night sky. Pearl also is a symbol of happy, reflects the elegance of life, looks very dignified and generous.


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Pearls because of their dignified, colorful mellow, elegant and pure, called as the “Queen’s gems.” With magnificent colors and elegant pearl quality, a symbol of health, pure, beautiful, rich and well-being, it is loved by people for a time. treasures for the Pearl, referred to as “the jewel of the moon . Pearls combo offer. ” Pearl also is a symbol of happy, reflects the elegance of  life, looks very dignified and generous. Pearl as “the birth of rock in June,” a symbol of health, wealth and longevity, as the “Stone of health.”  Pearl was born June Stone, a symbol of noble, pure health.Incidentally, there was a time when pearl jewelry was rated as one of the highest priced items but with the advent of widespread pearl farming now, the price of pearl jewelry has become quite affordable to most people. Ancient Indians believed that Pearl is the dawn of the gods, turned into dew; In Persian myth,a bright pearl not only is the symbol of hope, but also the tears by gods. Pearl together with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, jade is considered to be together to give the human nature. Surprise your loved ones give them the reason to cherish their dreams. Besides, pearls are the only gems created by a living organism having an array of fascinating colors, shapes, sizes and origin and hence have a charm of its own. Pearl jewelry is often found as family heirlooms, passed on from a grandmother to mother and from a mother to the daughter.Being the most magical and feminine of all gems, pearl jewelry has long been considered as one of the most romantic items that can be gifted to a lady. As a matter of fact, freshwater pearl sets go beautifully well with any neckline, whatever the attire could be.

Product Description:

  • Brand : The Pari.
  • Wear-ability : Party.
  • Material : Pearls.




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