Pet Food and Treats at 20% off from Rs. 52- PepperFry

Sowmya Nair

Pets are one of the most cherished elements of our lives. As important as a life-partner or even our own baby. Any kind of pet adds a huge measure of happiness in a household. There’s nothing like coming back to a welcoming dog who has missed you all day. Or a cute kitten. Its amazing to watch little fishes grow and breed inside a beautiful aquarium. Or even birds – they soon become your best friends. Pet food and treats are available on Pepperfry from as low as Rs. 52. To be exact:

Pet food and treats for dogs are available from Rs. 52, cats from Rs. 100, Fish from Rs. 60 and Birds from Rs. 240. There are various other Pet food and treats available HERE. Buy quality food for your loved pet and watch it grow big and strong!

Buy Pet Food and Treats at 20% off from Rs. 52:

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Product Description:

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Complete pet food for adult dogs. Made with fresh meat.Dogs naturally love meat! Its full of the great taste they want as well as the protein and iron they need. Thats why PEDIGREE tasty fresh meat recipes, balanced with cereals, vitamins & minerals are the most natural way to maintain the health and vitality of your dog. Chicken in jelly with selected natural fibers helps support good digestive health, and added vitamins and minerals provide natural defenses.

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WHISKAS Sardine And Trout Chunks in Jelly Canned Cat Food

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Sera red parrot is a floating granulated food specially developed for parrot fish. The carefully selected ingredients are gently processed. They are well balanced to meet the special requirements of these impressive fish. Natural pigments ensure brilliant color development within shortest time.

Parrot fish tend to fade in colour over time if fed on standard fish foods. This food contains a combination of shellfish, shrimp and seaweed which promotes red colours in fish naturally (no artificial dyes) as well as all the ingredients that are necessary to give parrot fish a healthy and balanced diet. All in a granular form suited to their feeding habits.

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NutriBird A 19 is a complete birdfood for hand-rearing of macaws, eclectus, hawk-headed parrots, African grey parrots and other babybirds with a high energy requirement. Scientifically composed for an optimal growth.

One Response to “Pet Food and Treats at 20% off from Rs. 52- PepperFry”

  1. Giles

    All pet food has a synonymous taste with it, I’m thinking when anybody knows the processing agent or preservative which i am tasting. However my dogs jerky strips taste the same because my cat treats, even my turtles baby shrimp tastes the same.
    Ok I know which I pet food isn’t for people. I don’t sit down with a big bowl of dog food for dinner. Out of curiosity I have tasted a range of pet food plus it all has the same strange aftertaste irrespective of which type it is very. I’m simply thinking what which taste is.


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