Philips 5.1 Multimedia Speakers DSP 2600 Rs. 2374 from Flipkart

Sowmya Nair

Enjoy great audio experience with the Philips 5.1 Multimedia speaker DSP 2600. The Philips 5.1 Multimedia Speakers DSP2600 comes with a wireless remote control that lets you operate it from a distance. The best-in-class surround sound processing capability results in an uninterrupted crystal clear audio experience.  Buy this Philips 5.1 Multimedia Speakers at an astounding 71% off!  Pay Rs. 2,374 in place of Rs. 6,990 and keep yourself entertained!

How to buy Philips 5.1 Multimedia Speakers DSP2600 Rs. 2374:

Philips 5.1 Multimedia Speakers

  1. Go to to buy Philips 5.1 Multimedia Speakers
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Currently you will get 5% Extra Off on this Multimedia Speaker.

With a blue LED indicator and stylish, dynamic body, these speakers are perfect for your modern house. The Philips 5.1 Multimedia Speakers DSP2600 boasts a 7.5 W total RMS power. Other features include side firing, a 5 inch woofer and 3 inch full range driver per satellite. Its compact design occupies minimal space in your living room or bedroom.

Product Description:

Philips 5.1 Multimedia Speakers DSP 2600

  • 5.1 Multimedia Speaker
    LED Indicator
    7.5W Total Power (RMS)
    Bass Reflex System
    Some additional features:
    Sleek And Compact Design, Dynamic Looks with Blue Color LED Indicator, Side Firing, 5 inch Woofer, 3 inch Full Range Driver Per Satellite, Wireless Remote Control, Bass Reflex System

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Philips Multimedia 5.1 Speakers DSP2600
Rs. 6,990
Rs, 2,374