Philips AT756 Mens Shaver For Rs 2689. FREE Voucher Inside!

Sowmya Nair


Tired of looking at the same reflection in the mirror? Well, spice it up! Use this Philips AT756 Mens Shaver to try out new looks every week. Impress people with you change in style everytime. This black and clue Philips AT756 Mens Shaver is 100% water resistant and hence can be cleaned conveniently. The rubber grip is ergonomically designed to suit your comfort. Go from hairy to smarty in a few seconds! Philips AT756 Mens Shaver is perfect for grooming side-burns and moustache. This simply means you have the freedom to experiment as you wish. The rounded Low Friction Protection Heads adjust Automatically to Every Curve of Your Face. Once charged, this trimmer can be used for 40 minutes without the wire.

Buy Philips AT756 Mens Shaver from Flipkart for Rs. 2,689 and get FREE voucher for 2 drinks and 2 starters! Well, look good and take her out on a date 🙂 What a deal!

How to buy Philips AT756 Mens Shaver For Rs 2689:

Product Description:

  • AquaTec Wet & Dry Seal – Shave with Gel or Foam for Extra Skin Comfort or Use Dry for Convenience
  • Popup Trimmer – Perfect for Grooming Sideburns and Moustache
  • 100% Water Proof – for Easy Cleaning
  • Cordless Use: 40 mins
  • Quick Charge Indication
  • 0.2 W Stand-by Power
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Battery Full Indication
  • Skin Protection System – Rounded Low Friction Protection Heads that Adjusts Automatically to Every Curve of Your Face
  • Shaves Even the Shortest Stubble
  • 5.4 W Max Power Consumption
  • Washable Shaver with Quick Rinse System
  • Decopanel Lacquered Icy Silver Finishing
  • Dual Precision Cutting
  • Front Shell Resilent Blue Finishing
  • Rubber Grip Handle
  • 2 LED Indication
  • Battery Low Indication

4 Responses to “Philips AT756 Mens Shaver For Rs 2689. FREE Voucher Inside!”

  1. Achyuthan

    perfectly, im searching for a razor, which will first, obv shave my face.. amount 2, TRIM my beard sometimes thus it isnt too lengthy,.. Thirdly, potentially trim alternative components of my body, (armpits, pubes) plus lastly be capable to form my beard.. prefably id like electrical.

  2. Shamakarn

    My friend, following shaving, constantly has THE softest legs. They’re like ideal silk smooth. And its that way for over a day. How can I do which? Any certain razors, shaving lotions, or lotions? My legs are constantly picky the upcoming day. How could I create it remain away longer plus create my leg smoother?

  3. I am interested in an simple method to remove the hair “down there” without shaving….I hear Brazillian Waxing is painful down there. Is it? or are there methods to create it less painful? Or any alternative method to remove hair down there?


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