Philips Beard and Stubble Trimmer QT4005-15 M – Under Rs 1000


Who said only girls can sport different looks with different hairstyles? Ever saw the variations in the looks of John Abraham? Boys, guys and gentlemen, don`t just stick to the cliche subtle, french beard and other looks. This month, sport something funky. Trim your beard and moustache in a unique manner. Set a new trend. Philips Beard and stubble trimmer QT4005-15M is now available Under Rs 900 only.

How to get Philips Beard and Stubble Trimmer QT4005-15 M – Power Play Under Rs 900 :

  1. Get Philips Beard and Stubble Trimmer QT4005-15 M – Power Play Under Rs 900 .
  2. Click on Buy.

Philips Beard and Stubble Trimmer QT4005-15 M

Who needs excessive facial hair when one can sport different looks and different styles? Try the South Indian moustache look, the cult beard, the innocent clean shaven face or anything under the sun, that suits you. Do not just be normal. Be different. Surprise your girlfriend. Let her give YOU compliments, for a change. Philips Beard and stubble trimmer qt4005-15m is smooth, efficient and stylish. The battery lasts longer. Charge it for 10 minutes and enjoy 35 minutes of cordless use. This trimmer has cutting edge technology and is much better than the other brand trimmers. It has better cutting width and works good for the first shave itself.  Buy now. the Philips Beard and stubble trimmer for just Rs.924 only. Instead of paying the actual amount of Rs.1195, shop for philips beard and stubble trimmer qt4005-15m on this website for a much lesser price and get it delivered home freely.

Product Description:

  • High Performance Skin Friendly Rounded Blades Glides on Your Skin.
  • Detacheable Head for Easy Cleaning.
  • 32 mm Cutter Width.
  • Stubble Comb Type (0.5 – 1 mm).
  • Wet and Dry Washable Attachments.
  • 35 minutes of Cordless Use After 10 hrs of Charging.
  • 20 Lock-in Length Settings of 0.5 mm from 0.5 to 10 mm.
  • Green Color Indicates the Charging.
  • Non-scratching Teeth for More Comfort.
  • Secured Length Settings and Zoomring for Adjusting Length Settings.
  • 0.5 mm Precision.
  • Easy to Select and Lock-in Length Settings.
  • Worldwide Voltage Compatibility.
  • Ergonomic Grip for Easier Handling.

5 Responses to “Philips Beard and Stubble Trimmer QT4005-15 M – Under Rs 1000”

  1. I plan to trim my stubble to a 3 day beard development plus wish To purchase among the 2 trimmers – Philips QT 4019 or Panasonic ER 206. The critiques state both are equally advantageous.

    Can we please aid me inside selecting 1 of these 2 trimmers ?

  2. I need 1 that cuts facial hair superior without taking much time..i dont choose shaving truly usually..females could assist when they need.thanks anyways.

  3. I simply purchased a Philips razor plus I’m worried how lengthy the head usually last, plus where to purchase it from following…

    /10 points/


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