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Sonali Singh

Find cumbersome to always keep your phone holding near your ear and talking? Or even if your are using an ear- chord, it gets troublesome to tackle the wires that has to be always kept attached with the mobile phone. Free yourselves from all this hassle and get home today the Philips Bluetooth Mono headset, brought to you by at just Rs 749/- only.44 % discount.

How to get the Philips Bluetooth Mono headset?

Philips, a company in electronics that has already proved itself to the world of its wondrous quality and an unmatched service. And hence the performance of the Philips Bluetooth Mono headset, is undoubtedly unquestionable. Providing you all the comfort of hand-free talking and wireless mobility,the Philips Bluetooth Mono headset is a high-tech device that would also add a lot of appeal to your looks.The Philips Bluetooth Mono headset is really a sophisticated device that works on the bluetooth connectivity mechanism, and hence is compatible with bluetooth enabled phone.Equipped with soft ergonomic ear-bud, the Philips Bluetooth Mono headset, provides you a secure fit and all day comfort and hence can be worn comfortably for hours.

The Philips Bluetooth Mono headset is HSP/HFP compliant and also provides clear echo free calls, and also makes your wireless call management easy.Easy to carry, easy to wear and also the Philips Bluetooth Mono headset is easily and conveniently  chargeable with the help of USB.Armored with a built-in microphone , the Philips Bluetooth Mono headset is all the very high-tech device that you need to cope up with the rapidly changing technology and world.

Product Details:

  1. Conveniently recharge via USB.
  2. Wireless call management.
  3. Talk freely – handsfree and wireless.
  4. Bluetooth enabled wireless handsfree talking.
  5. Universal: Works with your Bluetooth enabled phone.
  6. Soft, ergonomic earbud for secure fit and all day comfort.
  7. Bluetooth HSP/HFP compliant – Universal.
  8. Make sure you are clearly understood.
  9. Clear, echo free calls.
  10. Wear it comfortably for hours.

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