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Get away from the old ways of preparing one glass of juice. The effort and time consuming way is now to do away with. Use the new modern method. Buy and use the Philips Citrus Press from This is a multi featured juicer. A simple and easy way of extracting juice. All you need to do is press the button on top of the juicer. This in turn will roll the cone from where the juice will be extracted from the fruit. As simple as doing nothing. Now make a quick juice for your child, wife, husband, parents etc. to rejuvenate their tiring day. Or Philips Citrus Press at Lowest Price juicer also comes in handy when you need to quench the thirst of your unexpected guest.

How to buy the Philips Citrus Press at Lowest Price:-

A genuine and brand new product now delivered at your doorstep. Without any problems of packing conditions this product is delivered in the best of it packing. This Philips Citrus Press at Lowest Price has a capacity of 500ml. If you go to buy a juice outside of 500ml that will not cost you less than Rs.70-Rs.80.Now make a one time investment and have as many juices as you want. Buy once for your unlimited fresh juice consumption at the price of having it ten times outside. Benefit of instant juice making too. This Philips Citrus Press at Lowest Price is so wonderful that once you purchase it you might end up making a juice for self and others every day. The juicer with least noise on preparing your juice. A product that can also be sued for gifting purposes.

Gain a quick tasty energy booster drink or juice from the Philips Citrus Press.  A very easy to clean and small in size juicer. Small in size but extracts the right amount of juice from the fruit. It is not like other juicers where half the fruit is wasted. Also being small in size it becomes an easy appliance to keep it in your kitchen. Occupying the minimum of space. A worth for priced product.

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