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Shweta Anand

Who said only celebrities get to have perfect hair everyday? Philips makes it possible for every one out there with the Philips Hair Dryer HP8100 and when Philips is doing so much to cater to all your fashion needs, is going one step further and getting you this amazing product at a super discount of 25%! that’s right… the Philips Hair Dryer HP8100 is worth Rs. 1000 and first brings it down to Rs.800 and then on a super offer discount  gives to you for no more than Rs. 725! Save Rs. 185 in just a few clicks!

How to buy the Philips Hair Dryer HP8100 for Rs 725 Only at pepperfry?

  1. Click to view the Philips Hair Dryer HP8100
  2. Choose Quantity… because this sure is a great gifting option… at this never before price!
  3. Click on BUY NOW
  4. Notice the price magically go down as you save the extra buck and buy the Philips Hair Dryer HP8100 for just Rs. 725!

Do you usually get headaches when you take a head-bath in the morning and step out for work in the cold air? that’s becoming a common problem these days. Many people hesitate to use hair dryers due to a rumor that says hair dryers make your hair go dry.. well that is just a punning statement and not a fact! Get yourself a fresh start of the day with a gentle blow dry and avoid resorting to stupid pain meds.

On another note, hair dryers are your easy one stop no cost halt for a salon style super look! using a styling comb and the 1000W power of the Philips Hair Dryer HP8100  set a new style statement everyday! and all this in minutes… unless you dillydally in front of the mirror admiring yourself!

Philips Hair Dryer HP8100 is An exquisitely designed product, which gives great hair care for both men and women. 1000W of power ensures that beautiful results are always guaranteed. The narrow concentrator gives a focused airflow which helps in quick blow drying. It has got a easy storage hook which ideal for hanging storage in nooks and crannies of your wardrobes.

Warranty – 2 Years manufacturers warranty.


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Rs 1000
Rs 725