Philips HTS2512 Home Theater System at Rs 7999 – Save Rs 1,991


With all those hi-tech, hi-def TV’s floating around, you sure do need a lot of equipment to match the level of technology. You need the perfect room to watch TV, flicker the lightning settings, get the best set top box, and of course, how can we forget? You have to get the most crispiest and clearest sound ever! For all your audio needs, from hereon, we have a solution – The Philips HTS2512 Home Theater System! Ta-daa! You’re welcome world!

Philips HTS2512 Home Theater System

How to get the Philips HTS2512 Home Theater System at Rs. 7999:

1. Get the Philips HTS2512 Home Theater System from here and save Rs. 1,991!
2.Click Buy Now.
3. Hear crisp and clear sound all your life!

Audiophile or not, you cannot ignore the quality of audio vocals and music that you get with the Philips HTS2512 Home Theater System! Set the volumes high and even then you can make out everything clearly. For the time when you host that late night party and you need the music to go all ‘Boom-boom-boom’ in your hall, don’t fret, you’ve found your device! The best bass in it’s class and higher and clearer volumes and sounds than others. It’s a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound System, need I say more? The best part is that you get the Philips HTS2512 Home Theater System at an all time discount of Rs. 1,991! You get to have this device for only Rs, 7999! It’s a pure treat!

Everyone always dreams of having that perfect home with dedicated rooms for everything. You know that you want it too! You know you want that perfect single room specially for watching movies on your big 50 Inch TV! But it would be a disgrace if the audio of such a beautiful device of TV fails to enthrall you! Don’t let your TV down atleast! But this for your sake, for your ears’ sake, for your TV’s sake! And you already know, it won’t get any better than this!

Key Features

  • Exposed speaker drivers
  • 300W RMS power
  • Dolby Digital
  • Plays it all.

Product Features

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