Philips Induction Cooktop at Rs 2659 – 33% OFF


Making food just got simpler, easier and better to manage. Check out the Philips induction cooktop and make your life so much less complicated than it was with respect to cooking food and making time for it. Get this awesome appliance at a 33 % discount! Read on to know more


How to buy Philips Induction Cooktop at Rs 2659 – 33% OFF:

  1. By Philips induction cooktop now.
  2. Go to buy now and proceed to payment and delivery options.

Do you remember how you feel when you get back from office at the end of the day and feel like having your dinner with ease and get some sleep but can’t because you’re yet to cook it?? 🙂 Well with the Philips induction cooktop  you can good bye to that gloomy feeling because this amazing appliance is here to make your food so much simpler to make that you’ll be elated to have one. The first thing you need to know is that your food gets made faster! How?  Because energy is directly transferred within the pan metal, cooking on an electric induction range is extremely fast – even faster than gas. Secondly, all your health hazards of using a gas flame are put to ease. The philips induction cooktop is much safer than gas or other electric surfaces, since there is no open flame, red-hot coil or other radiant heat source to ignite fumes or flammable materials. No more making your biceps while cleaning the pans and dishes that got a little burnt because  with no grates or grease catch to worry about, clean up is a breeze. Just use a damp cloth and wipe over the flat, easy-to-clean surface. And get this, all these awesome features at a flat 33 % discount!! Pay only Rs. 2659 for this benefitial appliance today.. Hurry!

Product Specification:

  • 2100 W Power
  • 6 Preset Menus
  • Push Button Control
  • Induction Cooktop
  • Manual Temperature Control



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