Induction Non Stick Tawa worth Rs. 2995 with Induction Cooktops

Sonali Singh

Offer an endless variety of cuisine and let people have their fingers eat with the curry. Now get the ‘chef-made’ taste in your home made chapatis and naans. Philips, your ever trusted brand has brought about a new series of smart induction non-stick tawa. Now be free from the worries of exhausted LPG-cylinders. Rationing of cylinders has made the scenario tougher for the families, where LPG consumption is huge. Philips Induction tawa is a relief here. You find burning yourself in the kitchen, whole day long, even if you have a short party coming up. Worry not and make delectable, soft chapatis at an ease like never before. Amaze everyone with you newly attained culinary art, that is brought by Philips Induction Non-Stick Tawa, worth Rs. 2995/-.

How to get the Induction Non-Stick Tawa at easy price?

  1. Shop for Induction Non-Stick Tawa on
  2. Click on BUY NOW.
  3. Cash on Delivery.
  4. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee.
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philips-hd-induction cookware

Now get rid of the intimidating stove and gas connection and start with healthy morning breakfast and end your day with a delightful dinner. So, if you are in a hurry without a minute to spare, Induction Non-Stick Tawa makes everything ready in seconds. You don’t have to worry about that anymore as this induction cook top has 6 preset cooking menus which doesn’t require you to waste time adjusting the temperature.

For proper functioning, Induction Non-stick tawa requires a power consumption of 2100 W only. You can plug it into a regular 3-round pin and you are all set. The quality and safety of this Philips device needn’t be questioned as it comes with a CB and ROHS compliance. This Philips HD4928 induction cook top is your tool and you are the artist, ready to create their masterpiece. It is also an energy efficient alternative that is much easier to clean that your stove top.

Key Features:

  • Manual Temperature Control.
  • Induction Cooktop.
  • Push Button Control.
  • 6 Preset Menus.
  • 2100 W Power.

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Rs 2995