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Brighten your darken house with the advanced illumination advanced system. The all one’s favorite and must need in your home’s is the philips LED emergency light. A one time expenses of Rs.1275 will be a fruitful investment for you for all your life. This light has 36 LED units. Thus brightning your room just as though the lights did not g off. It also saves on your electricity. With lesser usage of electricity compared to that of the incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. This emergency light also features an inbuilt high efficiency lithium ion battery that has a capacity of 2200mAh. Can be best bought at a price only from

How to buy the Philips LED emergency light:-

  • Easy steps to buy the philips LED emergency light.
  • Click on buy now and proceed to billing gateway.
  • Make safe and secure payment.
Philips LED

The philips LED emergency light also has some of the additional features. 25.2 W Power Consumption, 90 380 V Wide Operating Range, High Efficiency Lithium Ion Battery and LED Light Sources, Dual Power with Auto Switch Over Feature, Gray Color Finish, 6 – 12 hrs Backup are the extra features over any other emergency lights. Also you get 6 months manufacture warranty from the date of purchase. This is highly recommended product.The Philips 30504 Value Batten LED Emergency Lights has a power consumption of 25.2W. It features Dual Power Operation mode whereby it can work directly from the power or from the battery.

You can also get this priced compared to any other online shopping site but you will find it at the best price only from

PRICE COMPARISON of 36 Led unit composition:

  1. : Rs.2310.
  2. : Rs.2500.
  3. : Rs.1900.
  4. : Rs.1275.

A very less power consumption product with high light emiting diode. You can call the philips LED emergency light a maintenance free rechargeable light. One of the best brand giving you the advantage of the best light output with the most efficient way of saving money. LED lights are the trend of today’s. Thus in short it is a  battery-backed lighting device that comes on with great ease when you experiences a power outage.

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Philips LED
Rs 2500
Rs 1275