Philips Portable Multimedia USB Speaker | PC Laptop Speakers Rs 975


To enjoy your favorite music with the real feel of it but are constraint because of the bad output sound of your electronic device? No problem. Buy your Philips Portable Multimedia USB Speaker now which will give you the immense satisfaction of the real sound. This sound will make you tap your feet and move your hips too. Keep the good tunes flowing with this speaker. A simple and east attach to any of your electronic devices like laptops, personal computers etc. Begin the home theater feel sound. No need to attend a party at anyones place. But rather suggest or organize a party or get together at your desired place. Speakers with the good sound effect can be really expensive. But these speakers are a sensational sound system costing for only Rs.975 at The speakers are fully compatible with your MAC and PC and can be carried anywhere.

How to buy Philips Portable Multimedia USB Speaker:-

Click and go portability with plug-and-play convenience. Simply plug the USB cable directly into any USB port. Your computer automatically recognizes this as a removable USB mass storage device. No need for a battery or adaptor. The perfect accompaniment for your notebook so you can play multimedia music and videos with great sound quality. The sound performance will suprise you from the Philips Portable Multimedia USB Speakers. This speaker bar has 2 built in speakers. 3.5 mm is the length of the stereo line cable. Delivering surprisingly full and rich sound this compact docking speaker automatically synchronizes with any of your electronic devices. Your local market areas will not be able to provide you with this brand quality speakers. A value for money, party product is just waiting to be picked by you. Low budget and wise buy.

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