Philips Shaver PQ202/17 at Rs 740 – Free Delivery from Amazon

Sonalee Sarkar

The use of shaving blades is no more in vogue now. With the so many advantages of electric shavers Philips Shaver are now available just for Rs.740 and above from   For a close efficient shave, self-sharpening blades and independently floating heads are utmost necessary which have been developed well and efficiently in these Philips shaver.

How to get this Philips Shaver PQ202/17 at discounted price of Rs 740?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

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Get the best after shave results from these shavers. By after shave result we mean that with just one roll of the shaver over your beard you can feel the smooth skin unlike other shavers or blades where you have to keep shaving over and over again just to get the beard clear and feel the smooth skin.

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  1. Kalish

    Amazon and delivery?

    No worries. They are always on time when it comes to delivery.


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Rs 740