Philips SHL 5003 On-the-ear Headphone at Rs 589 Only


The dynamics of headphones are  fast changing and If you want to enjoy high-quality sound then Philips SHL 5003 on-the-ear headphone is your best bet. Best value for money, these head phones richly detailed, spacious sound stage, supremely textured, natural sound that is smooth, effortless and relaxing to listen to. A forgiving all-rounder with superb comfort.

How to buy Philips SHL 5003 On-the-ear Headphone at Rs 589

These headphones are designed to enjoy your music everywhere you go. The soft cushions allow you to keep on listening to your favorite tracks. The great sound quality gives you a new listening experience. You know it sounds right when you hear every details in your music, when you can distinguish between a sound of a guitar to a sound of a violin or to a sound of a piano. When you know what your are hearing is true, every nuances, without all the harshness. That is Philips SHL 5003 on-the-ear headphone for you. 30mm speaker drivers give you great sound with a deep bass and also noise isolation to enjoy pure music.
Headphones are notorious for being bulky and not portable, but  Philips SHL 5003 on-the-ear headphone is lightweight and very slim which makes it very easy for you to carry your music around. Lightweight headband enhances comfort and adds durability and they fold flat for easy storing and carrying and steel spring headband for a flexible fit on your head. Its a great value for money, for Rs 589 only you receive extraordinary sound and strong technology. What more? it is definitely has a greater lifespan than most ear-phones.

Key Features:

  • Wired.
  • On-the-ear Headphones.
  • Circumaural.
  • Closed Headphones.
  • Over-the-head Design.
  • 50 mW of Max Power Input.
  • 30 mm Headphone Driver Units.
  • Neodymium Magnet.
  • 10 Hz – 28000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response.


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