Philips Sound Bar at Best Price – DSP475U Sound Bar at Rs 4034 18% off

Fatima Ansari

Get best price on Philips DSP475U Sound Bar at Rs 4034 – 64% off:

  1. Go to by clicking here.
  2. Select size and click on buy.
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Birthday parties, stay over at a friend’s place or just another dinner plan at your place, we all love getting loud at times to enjoy ourselves free from our inhibitions. But some of us are introverts and only loud music is something that can get the hidden party animal out! And after all, music and dance are the two best things that lets you have all the fun. Dealstan has got you the best deal on Philips sound bar. Philips DSP475U Sound Bar is now available on just for INR 4034/- after 64% off. The actual price of this sound bar is INR 12990/-.


If you do not know what a sound bar does, here it is, a sound bar is a loudspeaker that helps convert the normal sound of TV, computer, mobile phone, and other audio devices, into a loud stereo effect to give you the maximum outcome and the best sound quality. This Sound Bar is elongated in shape and can be easily placed under your home theater or computer or anywhere because of its sleek design. It is not just the sound bar that you get at this unbelievable price, you even get a sub woofer. The DSP475U Sound Bar comes With FM Radio, USB Playability, Remote Control and Display, what else would you wish for at such a minimal price!

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Rs 4034