Philips Steam Iron GC1930/28 now at Just for Rs 1560 Only

Fatima Ansari

Do you always face the problem of crumpled clothes in your wardrobe? Or do you always get late at work because you take too long to iron your clothes? Actually it is not you who takes long to iron, but it is your iron that is deceiving you every morning. We have the perfect solution to your problem, put your old iron in the store room. No that’s not the solution, Dealstan has got you a contemporary Philips steam iron gc1930/28 at a price you won’t believe.

How to buy Philips Steam Iron GC1930/28 Just for Rs 1560 Only?

  1. Buy this Philips Iron from here.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3.  Shipping Rs.24/-.


Now you can gift yourself Philips steam iron gc1930/28 at just INR 1760/-, when the market price of this iron is nothing less than INR 2395/-, only on You can own the Philips steam iron gc1930/28 with a further reduction of INR 200/- i.e. at INR 1560/-. You save nothing less than INR 835/-. Now ironing would not be a tiring task anymore, but with the help of this steam iron you would love every bit of it. So much so that you wouldn’t mind pre-ironing all your clothes and keeping it neatly in your wardrobe. Comes with a 1750 W and continuous steam output is 17 g/min.

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