Philips Wireless Headphones SHC2000 Rs. 1350. Music time!

Sowmya Nair

Philips Wireless Headphones SHC2000 is a full-size rechargeable infra-red cordless headphone. Combine quality with convenience and get headphones that will completely blow your mind! Work stressing you out? How about taking a break with music? Or listening to some beautiful songs while you work. These wireless headphones are the best during workout. You can continue to exercise without worrying about the headset falling off.  These headband headphones feature 108 dB sensitivity and can be connected to any of your music devices, laptops and even smartphones.

Buy Philips Wireless Headphones SHC2000 from Flipkart for Rs. 1350. Superior quality audio at this price is a great buy!

How to buy Philips Wireless Headphones SHC2000 Rs. 1350:

Philips Wireless Headphones SHC2000

  1. Buy Philips Wireless Headphones SHC2000 from Flipkart
  2. Click on next button.
  3. Get Rs. 149 Flipkart Cashback at checkout

Philips Wireless Headphones SHC2000 are handy and ultra-light, so carry them around all the time! These wireless Philips Headphones have a wide frequency response of 18Hz to 20KHz so you don’t miss any of the highs or lows. Catch every little nuance of your favorite song. Experience astounding audio!

Product Description:

  • Over-the-ear Headphone
  • Closed Headphone
  • 32 mm Headphone Driver Units
  • Over-the-head Design
  • Wireless
  • Circumaural
  • 18 Hz – 20000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response

One Response to “Philips Wireless Headphones SHC2000 Rs. 1350. Music time!”

  1. Aashish

    Which is the greatest beats headphone?
    Beats professional,Beats wireless or Beats Studio
    Beats specialist is 399$
    Beats studio is 299.95$
    plus Beats wireless 279.95$
    I hear to loud music thus i don’t wish the music to leak.


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