Phosphorus Black and White Sling Bag at Rs 699 Only

Shweta Anand

Who said men don’t need bags!? Of course they do! You have daily essentials! you carry files and folders. Your daily essentials need to be carried and what better way to do that than the Phosphorus Black and White Sling Bag that brings to you for just Rs. 699/-!I’m not talking to just the office going men… You boys who go to college and school, guess what brand your new bag is gonna be of?! I’ll tell you, Phosphorus!

How to buy the Phosphorus Black and White Sling Bag at Rs 699 Only?

Phosphorus Black and White Sling Bag
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Dear, Very Important Man, Because you are important, you carry important things and truth be told as much as the ladies dislike looking at your bulky pockets, you hate carrying stuff in your pockets too. Your essentials are plenty! What with all the gadgets that need to be carried at all times!? your phone, tab, charger, PDA, the box of mints! thelight snack that a pack of biscuits makes!

And if mommy/ wifey packs up amazing lunches for you… You know what you need to carry that box in.. A Stylish bag is the answer to all your worries!

Slightly paraphrasing the Starks form the Game of Thrones, Monsoon is coming! do you really need your expensive gadgets and belongings to fall prey of the almighty’s showers? No!  The Phosphorus Black and White Sling Bag comes in handy when you least thought it possible!

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Details for Black-White Sling Bag

Trendy in every way, this sling bag from the house of Phosphorus in the attractive black colour is a must-have in your wardrobe. Ideal to be teamed with your casual wear, this sling bag has a lot of storage space to keep all your daily essentials.
Material Polyester
Color Black
Product Dimensions 8X7X3 INCHES

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