Buy Photron Stedy 450 Tripod for Camera from Snapdeal at Rs 545


Here is something that will make all the shutter bugs delighted. Buy Photron Stedy 450 Tripod for Camera from Snapdeal at just Rs 545! You get a flat 60% discount on this useful tripod. It features a self adjusting camera platform. To set the angle parallel to the ground it comes with a handy bubble level indicator. The tripod can be set to a maximum height of 4.5 feet. It is light weight and just weighs about 750 grams making it very portable. Carry it wherever you go and take steady shots that will make you proud. It has a non slip foam for firm grip on the camera. The mount flips up automatically and also has a quick release lever. Buy this tripod from SnapDeal and save about Rs. 1000.

How to buy Photron Stedy 450 Tripod for Camera:

  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. Enter coupon code: AP50.
  4. Proceed to payment.
Photron Stedy 450 Tripod for Camera

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose head.
  • Swivel-set scuff proof rubber feet.
  • Quick release lever.
  • Quick flip lever leg lock.
  • Self-adjusting camera platForm.
  • 3-way pan head.
  • Non-slip foam grip.

About Photron:

Photron was founded in 1974 to provide manufacturing, sales and service of professional film and video equipment and photo- instrumentation. Since then, Photron has been offering photo optics and electronic technologies to manufacturing industries, the medical field, film laboratories, major movie and television studios, as well as to the military worldwide. The company name “PHOTRON” combines photon and electron, the basic elements that represent our state-of-the-art technologies.

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  1. Tsuktimeren

    How is this? Showing Rs 545 but proceedings time it shows Rs 1135????????? help me

  2. madhu

    What is this??? offer price Rs.545 and when proceeding for the order it shows different price?? check this buddy


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Rs. 1500
Rs. 545