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For any kitchen master it is essential that a proper cookware is provided. Only then can anybody excel at what they do. Gone are the days when we used cooktops with burners. nowadays everything is easier and swift. That is why pepperfry brings to you an offer on Pigeon Rapido Hybrid Induction Cooktop. This amazing Cooktop was initially priced at Rs 8,290. Enjoy the discount of 33%  and you can avail this offer. Now make this Pigeon Rapido Hybrid Induction Cooktop your own only at Rs 5,595.

How to buy Pigeon Rapido Hybrid Induction Cooktop?

  1. View the deal on Pigeon Rapido Hybrid Induction Cooktop.
  2. Pigeon Hard Anodised Deep Kadai-200 Free Woth Rs 1295/-.
  3. Click on BUY NOW button.
  4. Add your details like email id, delivery address, etc.
  5. Choose your preferred mode of payment.
  6. Place your order.

Pigeon Rapido Hybrid Induction Cooktop is an instant way to quickly cook your food. It keeps fire hazards at bay as there is no need for fire in your kitchen anymore. Make your food in half the time taken on a conventional cooking medium.It is a great value for money at this fabulous price. It is sleek and elegant. In the days of modular kitchens and designer houses this Pigeon Rapido Hybrid Induction Cooktop adds an extra beauty to your kitchen and house in entirely. For all you working ladies and gentlemen out there, rejoice in the cooking procedure with this amazing cooking top from Pigeon.

Product Outlines:

  1. Pigeon Rapido Aspira Hybrid Induction Cooktop.
  2. The Gas Stove with a built-in Induction cooktopRapido Hybrid.
  3. Extra wide heat resistant Toughened glass .
  4. Heavy duty Gas cock .
  5. Even blue flame distribution for better heating.
  6. Superior quality Brass Burner.
Product Description:
Colour Multicolor.
Dimensions L 420 B 253 H 157 In Mm.
Warranty 1 Year.
Pack Content Main Unit, Pigeon Deep Kadai, Warranty Card & Manual.





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