Pizza Hut Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Pizza offer – Foodpanda Rocks!

Sowmya Nair

Foodpanda is here with an offer that gives you twice the joy of soft crust, loads of cheese, delicious veggies and meat and some magic that happens in an oven. Pizza Hut Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Pizza offer – for all you Pizza lovers!

How to get Pizza Hut Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Pizza Offer from Foodpanda:

Pizza Hut Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Pizza Offer

  1. Get Pizza Hut Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Pizza Offer from Foodpanda
  2. Buy one medium pan pizza and get 1 absolutely FREE
  3. No Foodpanda Coupon code is required
  4. Valid only for today.

Who loves Pizza? Did the entire world just raise hands? Or were we just hallucinating at the thought of Pizza. Whatever it maybe, very few people manage to not drool when one mentions the word Pizza. Foodpanda is being a very friendly panda today and tomorrow. Pizza Hut Buy 1 Get 1 free pizza offer is on! Fastest finger first. We are talking Pizza, who doesn’t want to be first?

Pizza can awaken taste buds and let them dance in joy. One bit into a cheese filled soft heavenly smelling piece of art and you know what you were born for – Food! To taste, to devour, to celebrate food. Pizza Hut offers great options and amazing flavors. Thank god for Foodpanda, you can now order on of your favorite pizzas and get another favorite absolutely free. Now that’s a deal worth drooling for!

Product Description:

  1. Offer valid only for Pizza hut outlets listed on
  2. Free pizza will be of same/lesser value.Offer Valid till today 7 p.m.
  3. Valid only on medium sized pan pizza
  4. Not valid on Margherita, Zesty Chicken and Chicken Delight pizzas.
  5. Not valid on combos, beverages & desserts.
  6. Offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer/voucher.

4 Responses to “Pizza Hut Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Pizza offer – Foodpanda Rocks!”

  1. Durgeswar

    Boyfriend and I want to partake in the BOGO deal for smart phones, but we are not on the same plan. If we both re-up our 2 year contracts can we buy 1 get 1 free still?

  2. Antariksh

    im going on holiday i want to use the buy 1 month get 1 free but if it starts the minute i buy it there willbe no point!! can i choose when i want to use it ie does it issue you with a code i can keep safe till later

  3. Sachan

    I have a job interveiw at pizza hut tomorrow at 4 plus this might be my initially job, plus initial interveiw. What could i do to make me for it
    . ANd what must i where with it? Would several good jeans along with a polo shirt be fine. OR must i where certain nicer slacks.

    I have not had an interveiw before thus assist me out men.

  4. Agnimitra

    That’s almost it. I have pizza hut bread sticks sitting by me from last evening. I place them inside the refrigerator plus today I’m hungry. Every alternative time I reheat pizza hut bread sticks they taste like crap. So does anybody understand the “proper” method to reheat bread sticks?


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