Buy PLAYBOY Casual Shoes for men at Rs 837 Only – 40% OFF!


Canvas shoes, since their inception have been a true pleasure of style! The sooth to the eye and are a treat to wear with jeans. Everytime you get your cool blue jeans on with that white tee, you know you want something cool for your feet too and that is when you think of wearing some casual shoes. But uh-oh, you just realized that the only pair you owned is dirty and you are in a hurry. In such situations, keeping a separate pair of casual shoes is always advised and now you can. Because we bring you an offer that is hard to refuse, let alone altogether rejecting it!  We bring to you PLAYBOY casual shoes for men! Yes, Playboy, that very name that makes you smile with that naughty thought in your mind. But hey, bro! These are only shoes, not anything else so don;t get your hopes up about anything else! We bring to you the Playboy casual shoes for men at just Rs 837! Yes! That is 40% OFF! can you ask for more when we are already giving you so much?

How to buy the Playboy casual shoes for men at just Rs 837 – 40% OFF –

1. Buy your Playboy casual shoes shoes for men online right here at a discount of 40% at just Rs 837!
2. Select your size and color and click on ‘BUY NOW’.
3. Enjoy the coolest looking casual shoes for men ever!

Playboy has made a reputation for itself. They may be infamous for other things but in the apparel category and the footwear category they have made a name for themselves. The quality and shine of the products that they offer is unmatched and cannot be seen anywhere else. And this is something that everyone will tell you. In addition to this, you ask anyone if Playboy looks cool and you get an instantaneous nod from everyone! Go ahead and buy these Playboy casual shoes for men, right here, at just Rs 837!


  • Round toed, blue casual shoes with a rubber toe-cap, low-top styling, central lace-ups.
  • Foxing at the sides.
  • Light blue rubber sole with grooves on it.

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  1. I am a man plus I simply purchased a pair of cole haan air conner casual boots. I want many different suggestions. I have to absolutely understand what color shirt when anything. Thanks.


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