TSX Polo T-Shirts Pack of 2 and Sunglasses Combo- Rs. 375

Sowmya Nair

One T-shirt is good. Two is even better. When two t-shirts come with FREE sunglasses, it’s just fantastic! Boys, what are you waiting for? Time to fill up your wardrobe with hot colorful t-shirts from a deal that’s completely budget friendly. A man can never have too many t-shirts. Lots is a lot better than one or two, isn’t it? Buy TSX Polo T-Shirts Pack of 2 and Sunglasses Combo from Snapdeal for just Rs. 375. Its equivalent to spending for one t-shirt but getting one more of it and sunglasses free.

Buy TSX Polo T-Shirts Pack of 2 and Sunglasses Combo for Rs. 375. Save Rs. 624. Steal deal, we think!

How to get TSX Polo T-Shirts Pack of 2 & Sunglasses Combo- Rs. 375:

Polo T-Shirts Pack of 2

  1. Buy TSX Polo T-Shirts Pack of 2 & Sunglasses Combo from Snapdeal
  2. Click on BUY.
  3. Apply Snapdeal coupon code FASHION to get additional 25% off!

Why would you wait any longer? TSX Polo T-Shirts Pack of 2 is really a combo of two great quality t-shirts. With a Polo t-shirt you really can’t go wrong. With your uber cool attitude, the look will be a sure hit. Ah oh, don’t forget to wear your sunglasses before you step out!

Product Description: TSX Pack of 2 Light Blue-Orange Polo T Shirts & Aviator Sunglasses

  • Brand: TSX
  • Product Type: Polo T-Shirts & Sunglasses
  • The combo comprises two Polo T-Shirts and aviator sunglasses
  • Fabric: Cotton Poly
  • Color: Light Blue & Orange
  • Half Sleeves Design: Plain
  • Product Code: TSX-POLO-75
  • Freebie – Stylish Aviators Stylish unisex sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection
  • Lens material: Polycarbonate
  • Lens Design: Aviator Scratch resistant coating
  • Frame size: Medium
  • Frame color: Gunmetal Stylish bridge design
  • Smart and attractive packaging
  • Excellent nosepads for a gentle fit for long hours
  • The color of aviator sunglasses will vary

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