Portable File Organizer With Multiple Pockets from Tradus at Rs 299


When work load is around you it gets very difficult for keeping things organised. Use the portable file organizer either for your personal needs tr for office requirements. This folder that has multiple pockets allows you to keep your distorted papers and other important document in a well simplified manner. Thus allowing you easy access to it whenever you need it. And avoiding much trouble on searching for something when you are presses on time. Available in the market for Rs.699 but at tradus.com you can buy this at our special customer price of Rs.299. Being portable file you can easily handle it and also can move it easily from one place to another as when required.

How to buy the portable file organizer:-

  • Click here for your easy purchase on the portable file organizer.
  • Click on buy now.
  • Proceed to billing gateway.

Easy way to handle and keep all your bills in one place in tact. There can be anytime a requirement to check on the latest bills. Most people do not have it organized thus suffer in searching for it. but now with the portable file organizer you can make your things in a orderly manner and well kept. A way to reduce your desk clutter. There are four pockets in this portable file organizer thus giving you ample of space for storage. You can also keep different sections for your different storage requirements. Like on pocket for bill section, another for documents section and another for important papers etc. etc. Thus this way you can be well kept and tidy even when you caught up in a hard days work.

Convenient carry handle so you can take your work with you. Easy to use push button clasp protects your important documents.The size of the portable file organizer is 14 by 11.5 by 1.75 when it is folded. But when opened the size if 34 by 28. One of the most important reason to buy this bag is because each section has a zip to it unlike other folders thus giving complete privacy to each and every compartment.

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Rs 699
Rs 299