42 LED Portable Rechargeable Emergency Light @ Rs 369!

Sowmya Nair

This Portable Rechargeable Emergency Light, when full charged, will last for 4 hours at full brightness. If you lower brightness, it will last for upto 10 hours. Available only for Rs. 369 from Snapdeal. Buy this Portable Rechargeable Emergency Light with 42 LED and brighten dark moments!

Portable Rechargeable Emergency LightHow to buy Portable Rechargeable Emergency Light with 42 LED at Rs. 369:

  1. Buy Portable Rechargeable Emergency Light from snapdeal.com.
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Thanks to sudden power shortages, we are often struggling to work things out in the dark. Don’t spend a great deal on an inverter when all you need is light to carry on with your work. Buy this Portable Rechargeable Emergency Light with 42 LED and solve this issue. The 42 LED light is bright enough to illuminate the room in a second. Plus you don’t have to worry about spending too much on batteries. This Portable Rechargeable Emergency Light is truly a blessing. Spend just Rs. 369 and continue to cook or read or just chat with your friends when there is a power shortage.

Product Description:

  • The Emergency light is with built-in long-life and maintenance-free rechargeable Lead Acid battery of high capacity as 1300mAh.
  • The battery has more than 500 times charging and discharging recycles life.
  • LED is in advantages of energy-saving, high light, long life and high power.
  • Both high light and dim light for choices.

How to Use?

  • During charging, please connect cable into the AC outlet of  the Emergency Light, then insert cable of AC plug into AC 90~240V power socket, the charging indicator turns on to show the charging process, which needs about 20 hours.
  • If you leave the power button in the first gear, flashlight will work for 4 hours after fully charged; When in the second gear, emergency light can last working for 10 hours.
  • The emergency light should be used and charged frequently. Please charge it for about 10 hours after every 2 months storage. Or the life time of battery will be affected.

1 x 42 LED Emergency Light
1 x AC Power Cable

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