Pressure Cookers by Kyyte with 37% + 10% OFF @Rs.495


For a healthy health our body needs nutritions,the longer foods are cooked, the more nutrients are destroyed. Bring your home pressure cookers by Kyyte and make your family healthy. Foods cooked in a pressure cookers are ready faster, using less liquid. The liquid is boiled away leaving the food with most of its nutrients.Arrived home from work too tired to cook??, and need to make dinner in a hurry??? pressure cookers can be used to whip up a nutritious and tasty one-pot meal in few minutes.Pressure cookers reduce cooking time by as much as 70%, which is a great reduction in the time foods normally stay on the gas boiling or steaming away the natural taste and the nutrients. The fact that foods are done in a shorter cooking time means they are less likely to lose their color and flavor, as well as minerals and vitamins that are evaporated or diluted when cooking in large quantities of water for longer periods of time.Pressure cookers, of course, are also designed for canning foods to be stored for future use.Dealstan bring a amazing offer on Pressure cookers by Kyyte with 37% +10% (Extra 10% off on Kitchenware. Use promo code KITCHEN at the check out)OFF @Rs.495 its original price was Rs.795Grab this offer ASAP and  make healthy great tasting food in little time .

How to buy Pressure Cookers by Kyyte with( 37% + 10%) OFF @Rs.495:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on  BUY NOW
  3. No coupon code required
  4. Cash on delivery
  5. Dispatched in 3-4 buisness days.

About Product:

  • Brand: Kyyte
  • 1 pressure cooker
  • Capacity: 3 L
  • Cooker and the lid has handle for comfortable handling
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Silver
  • ISI certified
  • Product code: Kyte-PC3Ltr

About Kyyte:

The ISI certified pressure cooker is designed and manufacturer by thebrand Kyyte.Kyyte is a company in India which manufactures domestic pressure cookers and cookware based in mumbai.



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