Speedwav- Pressure Water Spray Jet Gun for Car Wash 10 meter Hose Pipe

Deepika Dewan

Each morning brings with it daily chores that go beyond just making tea or kneading flour. We are referring to the garden plants and your car which also needs to be given a bath for a fresh new look. Snapdeal.com presents Pressure Water Spray Jet Gun for Car Wash. A 10 meter handy hose pipe that does its job of garden watering and vehicle cleaning simply and effortlessly. Its a tough, high impact molded body that is light weight and portable. Does the job of a car washer beautifully without making you feel his absence. So if you care for your car or your plants, then get the Pressure Water Spray Jet Gun for Car Wash and make life smooth and trouble-free.

How to buy Christmas Pressure Water Spray Jet Gun for Car Wash?

hose pipe

Easy to install, the Pressure Water Spray Jet Gun for Car Wash from Snapdeal is a Nozzle Water Lever Spray Gun that can be mounted in seconds. There is Rubber connector for taps that has a hole. The Gun Nozzle Water Lever Spray is made of solid plastic that’s body-plated. The flexible hose connector is also constructed of plastic material. The adjustable spray nozzle adjusts from pencil point to fan spray pattern making your task easier without any hitches. There are 4 different spray modes that help the task of maneuvering the hose pipe pretty well. The rubber connector for taps has a hole too and handle that turns the unit on and off. In order to avoid damaging the car, you must use low-pressure settings so that the paint is not chipped off.

Product Features:

  • Dimension: 10 meters.
  • Weight: 400 gm.

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