Prestige Concave Tawa Omega Select Plus 300 at Rs 846

Sonali Singh

Be a tech-savvy women and introduce your kitchens, a new companion that would make your cooking a lot easier.Revamp your archaic style of chapati-making now as brings to you a  Prestige Concave Tawa at a price of Rs 846/- only.Ease yourselves from all the trouble that you have been enduring for a while with chapati-making.Get home today the new Prestige Concave Tawa, that makes you a smart cook.

How to get the Prestige Concave Tawa?

  1. Shop for Prestige Concave Tawa on
  2. Click on BUY NOW!
  3. Delivery within 3 – 5 working days.
  4. Products available are 100% genuine and come with warranty.

Experience the new cooking with Prestige Concave Tawa, and develop your culinary skills like never before.The Prestige Concave Tawa is a smart add-on to your kitchen equipments that helps you get a better and relaxed cooking. The perfect and concave shape of the Prestige Concave Tawa gives it a more tech-mechanism and hence providing a uniform burning of the chapati.Never letting the chapati get extra heat from anywhere as the Prestige Concave Tawa helps get your chapati uniform browning and making chapatis well-suited and customized to your taste.

The revolutionary Prestige Concave Tawa provides a residue free cooking, and hence your chapati comes out neat and brown.Time-saving Prestige Concave Tawa, comes in a non-stock coating, and is of 250mm diameter.Equipped with a sturdy handle, the Prestige Concave Tawa gives you a firmer grip. As the Prestige Concave Tawa is metal-spoon friendly and comes in non-stock coating.This helps the metal to stay young for long and also ensures the health of the cookware.So amaze everyone with your new kitchen arms that would certainly enhance your skills like never before and would make you leave all complimented for those soft, round fresh and delectable chapatis.

Product Details:

  • Residue free cooking.
  • 250 mm Diameter.
  • Non-stock coating.
  • Metal spoon friendly.
  • Prestige Omega Select Coating:The revolutionary and world’s first Omega Select Plus coating from Dupont ensures there is no residue collection at all. This makes the cookware healthy and long lasting.

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Rs 940
Rs 846