Princeware Lock and Seal Lunch Pack Rs. 238 at ShopClues

Sowmya Nair

Smelly not-so fresh packed lunch messing with you appetite? We understand. It’s just disgusting to eat smelly food. We lose our appetite as soon as we open the lunch box. Its great to have home food for lunch everyday, as opposed to canteen or outside food. But food that’s packed in the morning does not feel fresh during lunch. Here’s a solution!

Buy Princeware Lock and Seal Lunch Pack from Shopclues at 62% discount. Including shipping, you only have to pay Rs. 238!

How to buy Princeware Lock and Seal Lunch Pack from Shopclues:

Princeware Lock and Seal Lunch Pack

Buy Princeware Lock and Seal Lunch Pack and keep your food fresh for many hours. Also, say no to big bulky lunch bags. Princeware Lock and Seal Lunch Pack is compact. The containers are heat and cold resistant and dishwasher friendly too! The airtight Princeware Lock and Seal Lunch Pack is microwaveable and can be kept in the freezer as well. What more can you expect out of a lunch pack? Princeware Lock and Seal Lunch Pack has it all!

Product Description:

Lunch Bag:

  • Insulated bag
  • Non toxic fabric
  • Easy to carry
  • Attractive colours and patterns

CNS Containers are:

  • Cold and heat resistant -20C TO 110C
  • Airtight
  • Transparent for ease in identification
  • Microwave safe (without opening the lid)
  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Food grade Virgin Plastic
  • Modular design and stackable containers


Kindly remove the lid when using in the microwave
Do not remove the pink color gasket with pointed sharp objects like knife, blade, screwdriver etc.
Do not use rough scrubbers
Always clean using liquid soap
Keep away from fire
Do not use on gas stove / oven


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