Princeware Microwave safe office lunch box Rs 449 – 46% OFF


Princeware Microwave safe office lunch box Rs 449 -We are bonapetite , good news for the  foodies out there. Princeware introduces the lunch box. Princeware is a revolution in lunch box design. More like a ceramic bowl than a standard ‘tupperware’ style lunch box has more functionality with loads more features.

Princeware Insulated Lunch Box Set of 4 With Bag 1058506_10151783730459703_1560403879_n

How to get this Princeware Microwave safe office lunch box Rs 449:

An quality lid locks to the body and has an ingenious sauce dipping area (good for sushi lovers) on the underside. A sauce pot is included, ideal for salad dressing or ketchup, so you can dress your salad just before you eat it. An inner dish allows you to split different foods so you can microwave a hot dish, but keep other foods cold. A lid glass is also included for  an easy one drink store . Also available for your Princeware Microwave safe office lunch box a blue carrying bag which opens fully to use as a handy carrier and is  waterproof to avoid all fresco. Available in blue color, this microwave safe office lunch box will transform your lunch time experience and is perfect for work and picnics.

Product Description

  • one glass and three container with lids.
  • Blue color carry bag.

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