Pristn Half Sleeve checked jackets for Men now at Rs 599 Only

Sonali Singh

Get the most exotic range of half-sleeve jackets for men. With the winters dropping the mercury level, men will not have to compromise on style. Yo can still have your city hottie look kept well intact. Strut around in checked jackets for men that now come only at Rs 599/-. Showcased on, the jackets are truly the style enhancers. With bold checks and intricate check patterns, you enjoy winters with sheer warmth.

How to get the Pristn half sleeve checked jackets for men?

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pristn half sleeve checked jackets for men

Coming to you in four varieties of checks. You can flaunt all the check types and get the sexy brat’s look. Fabricated in polyester, the jackets are highly durable. They can withstand all the climatic tortures that winters will exert. Like the one showcased here is designed in bold and big checks. Also the white, black and grey mix of the colors, makes it look catchier. The other variant is small checked jacket that again is an eye-robber. Making you look super sexy in the chilling season, you can flaunt style. With straight standing collars and zipper style, the jacket is charmer.

The variants being dark grey and green in this style. Pair the jackets with full sleeves t-shirt of shirts. As they are half sleeved, shirts will certainly enhance their beauty. They can also be teamed well with a pair of trousers jeans. Complement the whole fusion with formal shoes for a formal occasion. Or also with a pair of loafers for the casual meet-up. Keeping the warmth duly intact in your chest, the half-sleeve jackets are chill fighters. With tow pockets on both the sides for the ease.

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Rs 1199
Rs 599