Priya Envy Red Tiffin Box With 3 Containers at Rs 299 – 55% OFF


Priya Envy Red Tiffin Box With 3 Containers makes it easy for you to pack healthy meals to go. While the entire world is battling growing obesity, thanks to the fast food joints, you and your family members on the other hand can stay healthy by eating home cooked food in your office, school or when you are traveling. This tiffin box can keep your food from spilling and turning soggy. Its compact and has an attractive looking container which can make your colleagues eyes burn with envy!

How to buy Priya Envy Red Tiffin Box With 3 Containers at Rs 299 ?

  1. Buy Tiffin Box With 3 Containers from snapdeal.
  2. Click on ‘Buy’.
  3. Choose your mode of payment and enter your details.

Is your kid complaining of soggy cold food lately? Kids are generally fussy eaters and cold food is a huge turn off. kids hate when their food spills and get mixed with other items. They also like their tiffin boxes to be attractive which will give them the necessary boost to eat their tiffin. Buy Priya Envy Red Tiffin Box With 3 Containers to keep the food warm and fresh!

Surviving on office canteen’s awful preservatives laden food? No more. Carry your own food to work and see the change in your health. It will definitely add a pep in your step. Constantly eating fast food which is filled with grease is one of the leading causes in obesity and other serious health condition such as diabetes and hypertension. Eating smart and healthy is your best bet, that means carrying your own food. Whenever you need to carry food and drinks outside home, tiffins are always the best choice. Designed specially to avoid spillage, this tiffin keeps your food hot and fresh for long hours. They are best suitable to carry food to school, colleges, office, picnics, or long journeys. This tiffin is a lot more smart looking, durable and easy to use. Its easy to clean and don’€™t get spoiled with the oil and spices in your food. They are well designed for easy storage in compact kitchens. They are made of high quality insulating material that helps in maintaining the temperature of the food.  So when carrying hot food  is what you need, think of nothing else than Priya Envy Red .

2 Responses to “Priya Envy Red Tiffin Box With 3 Containers at Rs 299 – 55% OFF”

  1. Sachchit

    Im brief on choices and devices. I begin function shortly plus I require aid choosing what to consume for lunch. It has to last within the time i create it plus the time i eat it. It must last about 4-5 Hours. I never have a fridge plus I just have a microwave accessible. The food is kept inside a locker for regarding 5 hours @ space temperature, somewhat warmer though. My options is a thawed Banquet “TV Dinner”, Cup of Noodle (Ramen), Fried Egg Sandwich, Ham Sandwich, plus rice with asian design sausages. If you have additional wise tips, it is helpful. I don’t like to go out plus purchase a bag of chips. If those 5 choices never function, my last resort is to invest 5 dollars everyday on a 5 dollar subway.
    Don’t tell me to purchase pizza plus heat up the pizza. Thats method to pricey to do plus it takes up too much space inside the refrigerator.
    I’ll be functioning at a Auto Shop…I wouldn’t have space to bring a ice pack/cooler. It should be realllyyyy easy =X

  2. Parimal

    Should I receive a vera bradley lunch box? They’re absolutely cute, plus I love the hues plus patterns, however EVERYONE has them plus I don’t like to look like each alternative girl at my school or look like a follower without individual fashion.


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