Protoner Exercise Bike Orbitrack For Rs 7,680- 29% OFF

Sowmya Nair

No time to step out and hit the gym? Don’t worry. Invest in this Protoner Exercise Bike Orbitrack. It’s essential to make exercise a part of your everyday routine. The dual handles on this Protoner Exercise Bike Orbitrack gives you the flexibility to use it either as an elliptical bike or a normal exercise cycle. How about 15 minutes of cycling and 10 minutes of Elliptical exercise everyday? This means you are free to indulge in your favorite foods once in a while and still look great! Plus, through regular exercise you get to keep your blood sugar and pressure levels under control!

How to buy Protoner Exercise Bike Orbitrack For Rs 7,680:

Protoner Exercise Bike Orbitrack

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Buy Protoner Exercise Bike Orbitrack from Shopclues at 29% off!The list price is Rs. 10,800. You pay only Rs. 7,680. You get to save Rs. 3,120!

Through this bike you get to track speed, time, distance, calorie and pulse. Plan an exercise regime to go with your diet and follow it religiously. The result will please you greatly! You get to set upto 8 sets of strength adjustments and the seat can be adjusted as per requirement. The Protoner Exercise Bike Orbitrack is compact and can be placed in your room without too much hindrance to your day to day activities. Come on now, buck up and stay fit!

Product Description:

  • Dual Handles give you an option to use it as normal cycle or Elliptical Bike
  • Belt Resistance with Natural Elliptical Motion
  • Computer displays Speed, Time, Distance, Calorie & Pulse
  • Up to 8 different Strength adjustment levels
  • Outer Handle length can be adjusted as required.
  • Seat Height can be adjusted.

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  1. I’m hoping to purchase an exericse bicycle plus I wish To learn the advantages og having a recumbent bicycle over the normal exercise bicycle? I’ve heard there is less stres ony the knees. I’d liek to learn that 1 is cheaper plus more compact plus that 1 tones that components of the body?


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Rs 10,800
Rs 7,680