Puma Casual Shoes for men at Rs 1449 – 37% OFF

Sowmya Nair

Who said shoe fetish is for women? Men are equally in love with footwear, we’d say. The thing with shoes are, one can never have enough number of them. Puma is world renowned brand known for crafting products that are meant for fast, spirited, young souls. If you are a fun loving, ever active, young at heart man, these Puma Casual Shoes for men is for you!

Buy Puma Casual Shoes for men at Rs 1449. At a flat 37% off, this is a best buy. The money you pay is really going into the durability and casual spirit of these shoes.

Buy Puma Casual Shoes for men at Rs 1449:

Puma Casual Shoes for men

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The white and blue color combo is a classic. There’s no going wrong with a combination like this. Wear it with a pair of jeans and t-shirt and you’re all set to look downright cool and casual. This lightweight pair complements your urge to be active and agile. Don’t let the wrong pair of shoes drag you down. When you know you are meant for action, invest in a pair that will serve you best!

Product Description:

Puma White Men – Casual Shoes

Brand new Puma shoes for men that would look good with casual outfits. This pair of shoes is made of mesh and a combination of faux leather and comes in white colour, with blue stripes on the sides. Lightweight and designed to perfection, this pair is sure to offer you great comfort as well as style!

  • Colour: White, Blue
  • Style: Laced
  • Usage: Casual
  • Material: Faux leather, Mesh
  • Lining: Cushion
  • Detailing: Embroidered edges
  • Pattern: Round toe

Care Tips: Use a gentle cleaner and apply a protective gel or conditioner to shield it.
Clean the mesh with a Silicone spray to prevent dust or dirt.

3 Responses to “Puma Casual Shoes for men at Rs 1449 – 37% OFF”

  1. I have a good pair of white Puma athletic boots. We moved lately plus they aren’t thus white anymore. How do I receive the fabric plus mesh white again without causing damage?

  2. Purva

    require a fresh pair of wrestling boots. i’ve enjoyed puma boots at tournaments, however i cant discover them online. post a link where I could buy them from?


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