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Improve your athletic performance with this new running shoes puma kuris ii running shoes offered by Flipkart at just Rs. 1499/-. These shoes would not only help you run fast but would also improve your overall performance as an athlete.

How to Get Puma Kuris II Running Shoes for Rs 1499?

1. Go to get Puma Kuris II Running Shoes for better performance.

2. Click on BUY NOW .

Puma is an excellent brand when it comes to sports shoes and other sports related accessories. Its a huge name in the market with Adidas and Reebok. These Puma Kuris II Running Shoes are something that would make you realize the difference between having ordinary shoes and having PUMA shoes. These shoes are made for those who are bothered more about the performance. Its meant for those who are more focused about their winning and taking the challenge on and off the field.

These pair of shoes are designed with a cushioned ankle and padded footbed. So while running, you can have the ease of feathers in your foot. It can give you complete comfort while you are running and while you’re focused on your goal. Puma is a German company which gives you a rhythm with the latest fashion trends. These Puma Kuris II Running Shoes can be used for your evening jogging sessions and gyming sessions as well.

Get these shoes for just Rs. 1499/- at Flipkart.Happy Shopping!

Specifications of Puma Kuris II Running Shoes

Ideal For Men.
Occasion Sports.
Shoe Details
Style Cut Work Detail, Panel and Stitch Detail.
Color White, Silver Metallic, Team Regal Red.
Closure Laced.
Tip Shape Square.
Weight 309 gm (per single Shoe) – Weight of the product may vary depending on size.
Additional Details
Other Details Textured Sole, Cushioned Ankle, Tongue and Body, Lace Pockets, Padded Footbed.


2 Responses to “Puma Kuris II Running Shoes for Rs 1499 – Flipkart”

  1. I’m terrible with this kinda stuff for several reason. I merely want certain fashionable boots to wear with jeans, khaki shorts, or plaid shorts. Not too pricey when possible. I kinda like those unique puma boots.

  2. Agendra

    okay i only purchased several flashy metallic silver puma boots from foot locker the issue was they didn’t have my size. So the female which was functioning there gave me a pair of men’s shoes. she mentioned which ladies plus mens boots both looked the same thus i took the men’s shoes. might folks be capable to tell i have men’s shoes?


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