PUMA Men Casual Shoes now on Sale at Rs 1687 – 25% OFF

Fatima Ansari

Every guy needs a casual pair of shoes. Puma is one of the brands that have been styling the best casual shoes for guys. Who doesn’t like owning a branded pair of shoes, at an affordable rate?

You can possess men casual shoes by Puma after a 25% discount. The shoe is black with a white designed patch on the sides. Comes with black lace, this shoes has branding on the outer side and on the lace flap. The thick white outsole makes the shoe stand out making everyone notice you. The tongue and the footbed has cushion for comfortable walking. Men casual shoes comes with 3 months warranty against manufacturing defects. These shoes are extremely versatile and can be worn without worrying about the color of your clothing. Along the lace line, the textured black with stitch detailing makes it look funky and young. Perfect for stable and comfortable walking, these shoes are your perfect bet at the best price possible.

How to buy PUMA men casual shoes On Sale at Rs 1687 – 25% OFF?

  1. Go on myntra.com by clicking here.
  2. Select size and click on buy now.
  3. Click on place order.
  4. Use Myntra Coupons: MID25 for additional 25% off.

2 Responses to “PUMA Men Casual Shoes now on Sale at Rs 1687 – 25% OFF”

  1. Gaurang

    Not EVERYONE has narrow feet, plus compared to alternative brands, Puma plus Adidas boots run found on the narrower side of the spectrum. Wouldn’t it create sense for them to create boots of wider widths to appeal to more visitors? Wider boots wouldn’t sacrifice their fashion/style themes, provided the appropriate designs.

  2. Nishank

    Alright, can I wear these to office…recently I joined CTS, Chennai?
    please suggest me good deals.


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