Puma summer sale – Buy Grey Men sports Shoe @ Rs 1,679

Sowmya Nair

Get off that couch and get out. Literally. Staying fit is not a choice. Its mandatory. So is investing in a smart pair of sports shoes. Puma is one of the most trusted sporting brands in the world. Puma summer sale is on! Pick shoes that offer the comfort and ease you absolutely need while working out. Not just working out, even walking, in general. Investing in the right pair of sports shoes can save you from a whole lot of aches and pains. Buy one pair to feel the difference. Don’t let wrong shoes stop you from being super active. Did you know that human body is meant to be active? Thanks to today’s working style  – most of us lead dormant lives. Minimal movement, maximum pain. Walk around whenever you get a chance.

Puma Summer Sale is here to offer you a huge 52% off on dark grey men sports shoes. At Rs. 1679 this is a really smart buy. Wait no longer. Deals like this are for early birds.



Puma summer sale – Buy Grey Men sports Shoe @ Rs 1,679:

  1. Puma Summer Sale  – Buy Dark Grey Men sports Shoe @ Rs 1679 from Flipkart
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Product Description:

Wash Care : Rub the surface with a clean, damp cloth to remove dust. Do not keep in direct sunlight.

Material : Synthetic Upper Traction Rubber Outsole

Type Sports Shoes


Brand Puma


Color Grey and Yellow


Gender Men


Material Synthetic


Style Sports


Product Weight (g) 700


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  1. Karan Jhadav

    Excellent Discount good quality shoes!! 🙂 Thnks Dealstan And Tradus! 🙂

  2. Yathavan

    I’ve been interested in several adida or puma sweatpants which I’ve enjoyed soccer players wear. These are typically tight under the knee region and tight about the shins plus ankles.They’re skinny sweats. Anyone recognize what they’re called plus where i may purchase them from? I want certain for training because they’re tight plus won’t bounce about whenever I’m running.


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Rs. 3,499
Rs 1,679